About Us

Meet Meredith Ericksen

Tuscan Blue Design was founded by Meredith Ericksen, an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)-the oldest, largest, and leading professional organization for interior designers. Find out about Meredith's influences and background. Learn More

Stylish and Livable

These are the watchwords we work by. Why? Because we understand that your home must be designed for living... not a magazine photo. Our passion is to work with you to create a home that's both pulled-together and family-friendly. Real design for real life.

Beauty... Imagination... Order

At Tuscan Blue Design, our forte is interior architecture, which combines the striking finesse of a gorgeous interior design with the fundamentals and structural knowledge of architectural design to form unified, functional, and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces.

Experience and Design Know-How