Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design

As professional interior designers, we understand that high-quality, kitchen design and bathroom design, combines beauty and function... whether it is a facelift for an existing space or a complete renovation that creates a centerpiece for your home.

Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design Services:

  • Client interview to establish project scope and budget
  • Personalized space planning /layout with a focus on how the kitchen or bath functions
  • Cabinetry selection and/or custom cabinetry design
  • Architectural interior design
  • Color scheme development
  • Consulting on appliance selection
  • Selection of fixtures
  • Selection of finishes (countertops, flooring, backsplashes, etc.)
  • Lighting layout
  • Selection of decorative light fixtures
  • Selection of furnishings/accessories

Project Spotlight

Bathroom Oasis

Bathroom Oasis

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